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How-to-Pump-NOT-Dump-while-Traveling Mila's Keeper

How to Pump & NOT Dump while Traveling

Traveling for work or for anything while pumping can be an extremely daunting experience. As someone who traveled consistently for work while breastfeeding for 3 years, let me share with you some of my key tips to pump and NEVER dump so that I could always return home with a fresh batch of liquid gold to my baby, even on a 3-5 day trip!
Why-is-My-Milk-Supply-Low-Understanding-Causes-Coping-Strategies-Mila-s-Keeper Mila's Keeper
breast milk

Why is My Milk Supply Low? Understanding Causes & Coping Strategies | Mila’s Keeper

Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey, but low milk supply can be a common challenge. Understanding its causes and seeking support can help you navigate successfully.
dad feeding baby-baby led weaning guide- Mila's Keeper
best practices

Our Baby Led Weaning Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Products | Mila’s Keeper

Whether you're just starting out or looking for new ideas to enhance your baby-led weaning experience, this guide offers practical tips, meal ideas, and expert insights to make the process smooth and enjoyable for both parents and babies.
Reusable-Baby-Food-Pouches-Feeding-Products-Mila-s-Keeper Mila's Keeper
breast milk storage

Reusable Baby Food Pouches & Feeding Products | Mila’s Keeper

As parents, we strive to make choices that are not only best for our little ones but also for the planet they will inherit. Embracing reusable baby products is one way to reduce our environmental impact while providing the best care for our babies. In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of reusable baby products, focusing on how they can benefit both your family and the environment.
Exercise-and-Breastfeeding-for-Outdoor-Enthusiasts-Mila-s-Keeper Mila's Keeper
breast milk

Exercise and Breastfeeding for Outdoor Enthusiasts | Mila’s Keeper

In this article, we'll explore the many benefits of exercise and outdoor activities for breastfeeding moms and share some tips for safely and effectively incorporating them into your daily routine.
Navigating-a-Nursing-Strike-When-Your-Baby-Says-No-Mila-s-Keeper Mila's Keeper
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Navigating a Nursing Strike: When Your Baby Says No | Mila’s Keeper

Learning to deal with a nursing strike correctly can mean the difference between a temporary challenge, or a permanent loss. We're going over what causes a nursing strike, how to deal with it, and when to seek professional help. Read on to find out more!
Breastfeeding-Nipple-Pain-Causes-Prevention-Relief-Mila-s-Keeper Mila's Keeper

Breastfeeding Nipple Pain: Causes, Prevention, & Relief | Mila’s Keeper

We're talking about what might be causing you to have nipple pain while breastfeeding and what the best ways are to relieve the pain and prevent it from happening in the first place!
What-is-a-Lactation-Room-A-Guide-for-Employers-Mila-s-Keeper Mila's Keeper
breast milk

What is a Lactation Room? A Guide for Employers | Mila’s Keeper

We're exploring the role of lactation rooms in family-friendly workplaces, covering their definition, legal aspects and creative employer ideas!
12-Essential-Breastfeeding-Accessories-for-New-Moms-Mila-s-Keeper Mila's Keeper
breast milk

12 Essential Breastfeeding Accessories for New Moms | Mila’s Keeper

These are our favorite breastfeeding accessories to help you (or the nursing mama in your life) have the best breastfeeding journey possible!
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