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How-to-Pump-NOT-Dump-while-Traveling Mila's Keeper

How to Pump & NOT Dump while Traveling

Traveling for work or for anything while pumping can be an extremely daunting experience. As someone who traveled consistently for work while breastfeeding for 3 years, let me share with you some of my key tips to pump and NEVER dump so that I could always return home with a fresh batch of liquid gold to my baby, even on a 3-5 day trip!
Your 2023 Essential Guide to Flying with Breast Milk Mila's Keeper
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Your 2023 Essential Guide to Flying with Breast Milk

Flying with breast milk can be a daunting task, especially during the holidays, but with the right tools and knowledge beforehand, you can safely and successfully do it.  We break down all the essentials in this updated 2023 guide.
How To Travel With Frozen Breastmilk
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Your Guide To Successfully Traveling With Breast Milk

Traveling with breastmilk comes with a lot of questions. That's why we provided all the answers you need below.
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