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The MilKeeper® is our patented breast milk cooler that will bring your breast milk from warm temperatures to cold temperatures and safely maintain at CDC recommended temperatures for up to 20 hours. With the use of the insulated cooler and the frozen ice pack, the MilKeeper will sustain these safe temperatures during those hours. Note, If you freeze the ice pack for 12 hours, you will get 12 hours of cold, and if you freeze for 24 hours, you will get 20 hours of cold. We recommend that if you use the MilKeeper daily, you get extra ice packs to freeze for 24 hours and get maximum benefit of coldness.

*Please note that per the CDC and AAP guidelines, we do not explicitly advise adding warm milk to already cold milk as this will reduce the number of hours you can sustain cold in the MilKeeper. If you do choose however to combine, switch out the ice pack with a new one to ensure cold for 20 hours.

There are typically three reasons why the MilKeeper may not be performing to its maximum capacity. 1) Check if your ice pack has been frozen for at least 12-24 hours. 2) If you are pumping more than one session and adding warm milk to cold, you will need to switch out with a new ice pack. And finally, 3) it is possible that the vacuum seal of your MilKeeper could be broken and not properly insulating your milk. This sometimes happen during the shipping process.

In order to test this, please do the following: Fill your MilKeeper with boiling water close to the top of the brim, leaving the lid off. Wait 15 minutes. Feel the mid to lower portion of the bottle. If there are warm spots, then your vacuum seal is broken. Please contact customerlove@milaskeeper to get an immediate replacement.

No matter what, reach out to us if you have any problems whatsoever, we are here to make things right!

Plastic baby bottles, while it is most commonly found in the market, have the risk of leaching toxic chemicals into your baby’s milk.  See our blog articles on the Debate of Plastic vs Plastic and the Dangers of Plastic to Moms and Babies. Plastic also degrades with time, even yellowing and may become toxic for storing food grade items, especially breast milk! 

Glass bottles have two main advantages in that 1) there is no risk ever of leaching impurities into your baby’s milk and 2) it is sustainable with proper care, can be used for years with multiple babies and 3) even after all of your babies are grown, it can be recycled or re-purposed.

Mila's Keeper breast milk storage bottles are made of borosilicate glass which is the highest, medical grade glass in the market. We use this because it has all the advantages a mom needs to ensure that it is thermal shock resistant when you freeze or warm your milk. Learn more below!

Borosilicate glass is the purest, highest grade glass sold in the market – often used for bakeware, medical and laboratory equipment due to its thermal shock resistance.  This means that borosilicate glass can tolerate a wide temperature range, from boiling to freezing temperatures. Please note rapid and extreme temperature fluctuations will cause the glass to break.

It is considered medical-grade glass and is the highest-grade glass in the market.  Soda-lime glass, also commonly known for as a “mason jar”, on the other hand, has only 1/3 of the temperature range of borosilicate glass which means it has a far lower resistance to temperature change.  In other words, soda-lime glass or mason jars should not be stored in the freezer or boiled in water.

Mila’s Keeper portable breast milk cooler, the MilKeeper® is unique in so many ways:

1. First and foremost, the MilKeeper® keeps your breast milk cold for 20 hours, while other leading brand of coolers typically last 3-4 hours.  This gives you peace of mind and extra time to do whatever you need to do while away from your

2. The MilKeeper® is a fully portable bottle (not a bag), with an ergonomically designed lid, made for comfort and convenience. This means you can leave that bulky, awkward cooler bag at home, while keeping your breast milk in the MilKeeper® safe and close to your desk at work or on a mountain top on a hike.

3. The MilKeeper® conveniently holds a pump or feeding bottle which means you can go directly from pump, store to feed! You can also cold store pureed foods or smoothies as baby transitions to solids!

4. The MilKeeper® is eco-friendly as there is no other breast milk cooler in the market that is intentionally designed to be reused as a water bottle, or a beverage slim can cooler! Beach day anyone? 

5. The MilKeeper® can be used as a milk warmer simply by adding warm water into the cooler with your bottle.

6. Finally, Mila’s Keeper's portable breast milk cooler is beautifully designed, proving that pumping doesn’t have to completely suck.  Bring the MilKeeper® ANYWHERE with full confidence and pride.

We have chosen to use the utmost highest quality materials available. In order to help retain its quaity to last for generations to come, it is essential to follow proper care instructions.

Please find Care Instructions for the MilKeeper®, our portable Insulated breast milk cooler here. Care Instructions for the Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles can be found here.

The MilKeeper® is crafted using 100% food grade 18/8 Stainless Steel. Although stainless steel is resistant to rust, exposure to acids, bleach-based solvents, or dishwashing detergents can lead to rusting. Additionally, it may accumulate mineral deposits from contact with local tap water or other metals, manifesting as rust spots. To identify whether the issue is mineral deposits or rust, here's a quick, all-natural solution:

  1. Create a paste by mixing 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda with a small amount of warm water. This paste serves as a nonabrasive scrub and deodorizer.
  2. Use a non abrasive brush or sponge by dipping into the baking soda paste and applying it to the affected area.
  3. For stubborn spots, enhance the paste with a splash of white distilled vinegar and continue working it into the affected areas.
  4. Rinse the flask with warm water and then wash it with regular dish detergent.
  5. Always ensure the flask is thoroughly dried before storage, and if using a lid, store it open.

You may need to repeat this process to completely remove the rust. If you're still unable to remove the spots, we're happy to find an alternative solution for you. Just reach out to us at

No, we unfortunately can't because Mila’s Keeper sleeves and lids are custom fit for Mila’s Keeper bottles and we cannot provide warranty or guarantee that it will be leak proof with other bottles. We don't want anyone crying over spilled milk!

No, it does not, but we have a good reason!  We know that babies prefer nipples in all different shapes and sizes. Since one nipple size does not fit all, we have invested in ensuring that Mila’s Keeper bottles come in two standard sizes (standard and wide neck) which will accommodate many leading brands of nipples in the market. 

While we cannot guarantee that your preferred nipple will fit Mila’s Keeper bottles, we keep an updated list of compatible brands here. Always check for leaks before giving your infant the bottle for feeding with any nipple.

Yes, we are 100% TSA-friendly! We have traveled throughout the US and internationally with our products without a glitch! Check out our latest trip here.

Mila's Keeper products containing breast milk, formula or other baby foods can exceed the 3.4 ounce liquid limits and be carried on the airplane, even without your child. Be sure that your ice pack is mostly frozen solid.

You can also of course place it in your checked baggage with the confidence of it staying cold and without leaks.

See official TSA rules here.

Sustainability, Health & Ethics

As a company we have decided to avoid use of plastic wherever possible. This is why we made the strategic pivot to invest in creating our patent-pending silicone lid with all of our glass bottles.

We also know that glass bottles can be broken down, re-molded and recycled unlike plastic, so we will always use glass over plastic.

We also have audits for all our suppliers to help them maintain and improve their compliance with environmental gold standards.

In addition, with proper care, your glass bottle are fully reusable for all of your baby’s life stages. When your baby turns into a toddler, wide neck breast milk bottles can safely be used to hold pureed food or other snacks.  And finally, when your babies are all grown up, reuse your beautiful Mila’s Keeper bottles to hold other food items such as jams or dressings.

Mila’s Keeper portable, insulated coolers are also durable and reusable long after your breastfeeding journey.  You can it on all and any of your mama journeys as a portable, insulated water flask, whether that follows you into the office or up a mountain top, your insulated cooler will be your coldest and most beautiful, water bottle bestie.

You better believe it!  Mila’s Keeper, as a social benefit organization strives to work with factories that uphold the highest standards. This is why we only work with factories that have been audited by a third party for social compliance using BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) which ensures that the factory is meeting or working towards higher standards in important issues such as fair wages, labor hours and breastfeeding friendly policies for all of their workers, especially female workers!

Mila’s Keeper prides itself in using products only of the highest standards. Mila’s Keeper always used globally recognized, independent, third party CPSC-accredited, laboratories to certify that our products not only meet the standard FDA and CPSC regulations but goes beyond minimum standards in other areas such as thermal shock, environmental standards, and highest quality materials.

More specifically all components of our products including the paints on glass bottles and coolers have passed all FDA and CPSC tests for lead, cadmium, Bisphenol A, and phthalates for 0-3 year old requirements.

We have also recently upgraded our silicone lids to meet European standard, LFGB, platinum grade silicone that go beyond food-grade.

We do not use lead in any part of our products, glassware, paint, or the vacuum seal of our coolers. All of our products are tested to the US FDA and CPSIA strictest standard required for baby and infant products. We would never put anything in our products that we wouldn't give to our own newborn!

As a mission-oriented California Benefit Company, we look at the triple bottom line, people, profits and planet. In addition to doing our best to creating sustainable products, we also know there are many organizations that are doing great work that we want to support.

As part of 1% of the Planet, we choose non-profits that are vetted by this worldwide initiative to support when it comes to environmental protection of our Mama Earth. Also as a signatory of the UN Women Empowerment Principles, we also look to support organizations that empower women to take care of their health, their careers, and general leadership in their own lives.

At the end of every calendar year, we will be sharing more detailed information in a report. Stay tuned!

Insurance - Know your rights

The short answer is, yes it should be! Insurance coverage, however, is very different depending on the type of company and plan you have.  While we cannot guarantee that Mila’s Keeper products will be covered by your insurance, our products are considered “related breastfeeding accessories” and/or as “breastfeeding supplies”.  This means under some insurance plans, this would qualify our Mila’s Keeper products for coverage.

Most exceptions of coverage occur due to "grandfathered" insurance policies.

The good news is that if you have an HSA, HRA or FSA account that accompanies health insurance, breastfeeding accessories including containers and bottles are eligible and you can use your cards directly as payment on our website.

In short, HSA, FSA and HRA are different types of pre-tax savings accounts which can be used to spend on out of pocket health insurances including your deductible. HSAs can only be created alongside a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and are rolled over year after year. FSAs are Flexible Spending Account and HRA's, Health Reimbursment Arrangement are both employer-based savings accounts. Most FSA's specifically have a use or lose it policy. They all have annual contribution limits. Read more on our blog post specifically about Pregnancy and HSA and FSAs.

The most important fact however is that Mila's Keeper products are ELIGIBLE as breastfeeding and pumping accessories! We also accept HSA/FSA cards as direct payment on our store! Yay! So don't lose your FSA funds -- if you don't use it by the end of the year, you'll lose it!

Federal law (the Affordable Care Act) states that new insurance plans must include women’s preventive services which include breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling. More specifically, according to the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) breastfeeding toolkit, “All new health plans must cover breastfeeding equipment and supplies “for the duration of breastfeeding” without cost-sharing, which means plans may not apply any co-payment, co-insurance, or deductible to these benefits.”

Note that while this law reflects progress in the USA, it is by no means enough!  This law refers to only new plans, but because some plans existed before this law or grandfathered in prior to March 13, 2010, coverage for breastfeeding supplies is not required yet for many plans. .  For example, Medicaid/Medicare plans are not required to offer this benefit, although some do choose to do so.  To gain an understanding in the differences of coverage based on type of insurance such as private insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, Employer-sponsored or individual-sponsored coverage, read more on the NWLC breastfeeding toolkit above.

For those passionate about this topic, read our blog article delving into this topic!

At Mila’s Keeper, we simply believe this is wrong.  Both women’s and baby’s health benefit from breastfeeding, reducing cancers in mamas, and increasing immunities for baby, so why wouldn’t insurance companies want to cover breastfeeding related supplies?  So, we say let’s get the insurance companies’ attention!  As a community of mamas, let’s make enough noise and make a change.  Write an appeal letter by using this template to get your breastfeeding services, pump and accessories covered here on page 10-11.

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