The inspiration for Mila's Keeper was sparked while I was breastfeeding my second son and working at UNICEF, helping mamas extend their breastfeeding journey in factory workplaces. When we resolved the usual workplace issues of break times, lactation space and breast pumps, we were baffled that we could not resolve one major challenge: proper cold storage! As a result, we sadly failed these women and their babies.

It was then when I realized that my personal stress about cold storage while working and traveling was not just my own, it was an issue shared by millions of other moms!

Since then, we have been on a mission to resolve this hidden crisis and to do better for moms!

Our journey getting here was not easy.  You see, the path to creating hardware is not paved for women - which meant we hit roadblocks every step of the way.

But all of THAT, drove us even more!

This massive passion resulted in our patented, portable breast milk cooler that will last up to 20 hours designed and produced almost entirely by women!

We are on a fierce mission to empower moms everyday even when all odds are against you. YOU are proving that mamas can give 100% to our babies without sacrificing our sanity and well-being! 

Thanks for letting Mila's Keeper be a part of your breastfeeding journey - we admire each one of you and all that you are doing for your babies!

LARA VU, MPH, CLES, Founder and CBO (Chief Breast Officer)



Breastfeeding for the first time as a new mama. the Founder, Lara, struggles with the hardships of returning to work, pumping in the office and international work travel. "At the time, I suffered in silence thinking, it's only me and my problem."

Our Vision

We want Mila's Keeper to be the guardian of your milk, and the protector of your rights.

Lara Vu, MPH, CLES

Female Empowerment, Sustainability

Our Mission

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