Care & Use Instructions

Mila's Keeper Glass Storage Bottles can be used to directly pump breast milk into using most leading brands of breast pumps, to store breast milk, and to feed.*

In order to secure the leak proof patent-pending silicone lid, push the lid firmly down to the bottom of the mouth of the bottle and twist to tighten, ensuring there is no gap between lid and bottle.

Wash with soapy water after each use. After washing, be sure to remove all cleaning agent residue. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers to clean the glass as it might chip the glass or damage the printing.

The glass, sleeve, and lid are top rack dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing since harsh detergents might affect the appearance of your bottle.

Glassware should be washed as soon as possible after use to avoid caking of residue and it is important not to let soiled glassware dry out. If immediate cleaning is not possible, the glassware should be soaked in water.

Be sure to thoroughly clean the silicone sleeve, and especially inside of the silicone lid after each use. To remove potential build up in lid, soak in white vinegar as the most effective natural, organic way to remove residue.

Hard utensils, wire brushes or bottle brushes with  wire cores, should not be used for cleaning as they may scratch or score the surface of the glass causing weak spots in the glass. Scratched glassware is prone to break during freezing or heating. It is recommended that a sponge brush that is soft and flexible be used.

Dry the glassware inverted on racks or pegboards. Inspect the glassware for chips, cracks and scratches on the inside and outside. Do not use glassware with visible signs of damage.

*While we cannot guarantee your baby's favorite nipple will fit the bottle, it will fit many leading brands. Be sure to test for leaks prior to use especially before using with baby.

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Mila's Keeper Insulated Cooler with athletic girls on beach - Newsletter

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