Easy Use Instructions:

    1. Remove ice pack from freezer after minimum 12 hours, and 24 hours for maximum benefit.
    2. Handling with care, always check the ice pack(s) for any leaks or cracks before use.
    3. If the ice pack is intact, twist the frozen ice pack counter-clockwise into inner threads of TempKeeper® lid to secure into place.
    4. Twist the TempKeeper® clockwise onto the base of the cooler to engage the leak-proof seal.
    5. Place one Mila's Keeper Glass Storage Bottle or other bottle and bags, into the cooler to stay cold for 20 hours. (Alternatively the ice pack may be placed at the bottom of the cooler, with the standard size storage bottle or bags on top.)
    6. Important note: Following the CDC/AAP recommendations, we do not advise adding warm milk to already cold milk. If you choose to do so, however, we recommend that you switch out to a new frozen ice pack at the time you add the new warm milk to the cold milk to ensure safety of your milk.  So consider getting extra ice packs!   See our Quick Guide on the Four Ways to Store Milk in the MilKeeper: 
Care Instructions:
    1. Wash and rinse the product thoroughly with soap before first use and after each use.
    2. Hand wash only for best results.
    3. Do not use abrasive cleansers or scrubbers since they may scratch the finish.
    4. Never place in freezer or microwave.

    Easy Instructions as a Milk Warmer:   Fill your Mila's Keeper Breast Milk Cooler, the MilKeeper®, a third of the way with hot tap water.  Place your bottle safely inside the insulated flask, seal with the leakproof lid, and wait 10-15 minutes until your milk has defrosted and is cozy warm.

    Instructions to Transport Frozen Milk:  Remove ice pack and frozen milk from bags or from our Mila's Keeper Glass Storage Bottles from the freezer. Place bags or milk into the MilKeeper with the ice pack, and your milk stays frozen for 36 hours! See video here. 

    Note: Do not place cold milk directly into the cooler with ice pack as this will cause the milk to partially freeze.  Always store milk in a separate container from the ice pack.

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    Mila's Keeper Insulated Cooler with athletic girls on beach - Newsletter

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