Mila's Keeper Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles come in two (2) sizes, standard and wide neck, to accommodate different size pumps and nipples.  Make sure you know which neck size is the right storage bottle for you. For example:

Standard neck: Compatible with the following:

Breast Pumps: Medela Symphony and Harmony (all other Medela fits without the sleeve), Ameda, Ardo, and Evenflo

Nipples: Medela, Ameda, Evenflo Standard Neck, Pigeon Standard Neck, and Dr. Brown Narrow Neck Bottles

Wide neck: Compatible with the following:

Breast Pumps: Spectra, Phillips Avent, Pumpables, Zomee, Cimilre S6, Baby Buddha, Unimom Opera, and Motif Luna

*Special Note: Our bottles are compatible with original manufacturer pump parts only - adapters from other manufacturers are not guaranteed to fit. (i.e. Maymom generic brands wide necks do not fit unless you use the sealing ring that comes with the flanges)

Nipples: Avent, Momi, Pumpables, Motif

The wide mouth of this size also accommodates milk poured from wearable, hands-free breast pumps such as Willow, Freemie, MomCozy, Elvie, and Babyation.

 Volume: 5 ounces | 150 ml

Weight: Standard: 6.2 oz; Wide: 6.8 oz

Dimensions to fit the MilKeeper:  The MilKeeper Insulated Coolers can fit one ice pack and one 5 ounce/150 ml glass storage bottle by Mila's Keeper. The cooler may fit breast milk storage bottles such as Medela and Spectra.  Please check measurements before purchase to ensure the bottle fits the cooler

Important Note:  With the ice pack inserted, the MilKeeper can fit a bottle of maximum diameter of 2.5 inch (63mm) x 4 inch height (105 mm).


Mila's Keeper Insulated Cooler with athletic girls on beach - Newsletter

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Mila's Keeper Insulated Cooler with athletic girls on beach - Newsletter

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