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Love it!

Have used it once so far on the road, and the bottle kept my breast milk super chill until we got home. Already looking forward to using it for our upcoming travels!

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Aspen White
Stephanie D. (Laguna Hills, US)
The best milk storage container!

I absolutely love my Mila’s Keeper, it is super easy to use and lasts a long time! The design is on the product is also very beautifully done and I’m always getting compliments on it! Love this product all around! Can’t wait to buy my friends this as a baby shower gift for their milk on the go!

Your review warms our heart - thank you so much!

Must have for pumping moms!

Prior to purchasing this, I have to bring a cooler, ice packs and breastmilk storage bags when I have to pump away from home. Having this makes things so much simpler and easier to carry. It keeps my breastmilk cold for the entire day. And the design is so pretty too. I highly recommend it!

I had some questions and customer service was top notch!

Mom Must Have

FTM and needed a solution for traveling. The glass bottles fit into my electric spectra and manual Phillips advent pump for super easy collection. The silicone cap fits tight so there is no spillage. The ice pack really does keep the bottle cold for more than 12 hours. It is small enough to fit in any water bottle pouch/space in cars and bags.

love that it worked so well for you while traveling! thanks very much for your review!


I love how convenient they are!

So Cute and Useful

I absolutely love this chiller set. I store milk during the day in the glass jars, then at night I keep my chiller by the bed for easy access over night feedings. I also love that it's slender so it fits easily in the diaper bag. I do wish it held a bit more but I would absolutely buy again.

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Marissa M. (San Francisco, US)
So legit!

Ice pack kept the milk cold all day. Amazing!

So cute and works great!

We brought this to Disneyland and it was 90° out and it lasted the whole day!

We’re in SoCal and the heat has been blazin! So glad it worked so well for you!

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Pink Sands
Samantha M. (Chesapeake, US)
Saved my summer!

I love my Mila’s Keeper! Kept cold while we were at the pool letting me swim and my hubby give baby a bottle so I wasn’t missing out on time with our toddler! Thank you so so much for inventing this for all the mamas!

Aw how we love to hear you getting a chance to relax and so happy we can help you get that time you deserve!

Perfect cooler for on the go

I was looking for something on the smaller size that would safely store my pumped breastmilk and keep it cool for an extended period of time, the Milkeeper did just that! I tried it out for the first time when my husband and I went out for a daytime event- worked perfectly. Would definitely recommend!

Expecting Mama Double Glass Set | Aspen White
Alejandra A. (Victorville, US)
Stylish & efficient

Love the look! But love the fact my breast milk stays cold all day. Wish it was a little bigger and capable to hold more than the 5 oz but until then I will continue to use.

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Starry Night
Beth D. (East Providence, US)

I am blown away by this milk cooler!! Not only is it cute, compact and so easy to have on the go, it also works better than anything else I’ve tried! We took our Keeper on a long weekend trip, and it was great to have for the days we were out a lot. Where it really blew us out of the water was flying home.. we got severely delayed twice and spent over 12 hours traveling with milk in our cooler. When it came time to give my son his nighttime bottle, not only was the milk cold, the top had began to freeze!! Soo happy with this purchase. Even my husband is super impressed, and he’s a hard one to please when it comes to baby related items. Highly recommend to any mama who is pumping on the go, or carrying whole milk and like me, does not enjoy having to pack an entire cooler, only for the milk to stay cold for a few hours.

We are soooo thankful to receive your review!! Your words make us feel we are truly making a difference in lives - we couldn't be more honored!! thank you!

The Duo Gift Set | Starry Night
Brian C. (San Jose, US)
Great gift!

Gifted to family who has a baby in the NICU and been in and out of the hospital. This gift set makes her life just that much easier during this difficult time for her family.

Oh, our heart goes out to your family - we are wishing their baby to come home soon! Thank you for letting us help them through this difficult time!

Must have!

This is an amazing product that all mamas need! I have been struggling to keep my milk cold on the go and even at work. I also was looking for something that will keep my milk cold at Disney. I think that this will work perfect!

We're excited to hear that we have helped with your struggles with milk on the go!! thank you for your review!

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Panama Palms
Adia J. (North Hollywood, US)
Super FUN

I’m so excited to ordered this. It’s such a fun sleek addition to my breastmilk journey. I love the milk containers and now to have the ability to Cary the without being worried about milk going off is AMAZING!!!

Thank you!

You’re gonna kill it on your bf journey!

The MilKeeper® - Breast Milk Cooler
Lucy M. (The Bronx, US)
Can’t leave home without it

My favorite pumping purchase! I use for my MOTN pump when I don’t want to go to the kitchen. As well as when out and about to keep milk cold for my little one. Love how pretty it looks and fits ANYWHERE. Medela and lansinoh bottles fit into it perfectly. I also purchased extra ice packs which makes it so convenient! Customer service is also excellent! Highly recommend.

Wow we’re honored to be your fave!! ❤️ thank you and best of luck with your bf journey!

Expecting Mama Double Glass Set | Starry Night
Alejandra A. (Los Angeles, US)
Essential for “on the go” moms

Essential for breastfeeding moms. As a first time mom, I was looking for a container that would keep my milk cold. Milk stays so cold I have to wait a few minutes for it to chill before warming up, or if needed right away I just pour it into a regular plastic baby bottle and warm up in hot water.

The Duo Gift Set | Panama Palms
Mariah P. (Douglasville, US)

Love these! I love that they are compatible with my dr browns nipples and medela pump parts! The only thing I would change is making the bottle slightly bigger to hold maybe 6oz glass bottles.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Aspen White
Hannah W. (Ballston Spa, US)
Best invention ever

This is such a game changer for pumping at work! I wish I had this with my first child.

Quality product and Excellent Customer Service

I bought this highly recommended set in preparation for my baby that will be here soon. I haven't used them personally yet but as I unboxed everything to wash, everything looks and feels very high quality. I can attest that Customer Service is top notch. I had a small issue with one of the items I ordered and Customer service responded to me promptly and fixed my concerns right away. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them in the future.

The Duo Gift Set | Panama Palms
Kristyn B. (Long Beach, US)
Favorite Gift!

I love my MilasKeeper so much that it is now my Go-To gift to give anytime I get the great news of another friend or family member having a baby!
I love that it can even be used well beyond breast-feeding years, or for anyone else in the family that wants to keep their beverage or snack on the go COLD!
Not to mention the adorable designs. There is a favorite available for all personalities!
Customer service is always A+ with speedy delivery and response time to questions.
I recommend a Milas Keeper to everyone!

We are super excited to hear we are you go-to gift for mamas! We can’t wait to meet more of your friends! Thank you for your review!

The MilKeeper® - Breast Milk Cooler
Gina L. (Los Angeles, US)
Exactly what I was looking for!

I ordered two of these (in two colors to keep them straight!). So perfect for both keeping my pumped milk cold while at work and also for bringing milk with my family when we are out and about. I recommend these to all of my friends now!

We are so proud to be a part of your breastfeeding journey. Thanks for the review!

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Gina L. (Los Angeles, US)

I got two of the wide neck bottles and they are perfect. They are very well made and I love the sleeve that it comes with. Also, no problems at all with leaking!

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Remy R. (Ypsilanti, US)
Love these!

The wide mouth bottles worked perfectly with my Spectra pump and great for storage.

Daily carry

I’m in healthcare and running around to different locations for work. I use the insulated cooler every day for milk storage, and even on my days off if I’m away from baby for more than a couple hours! I never worry about milk storage. I am looking forward to buying another one in the near future so my husband can carry milk around safely instead of using cooler packs. Thanks Mila’s Keeper!!

First, thank you for your service in healthcare and we’re so excited to hear how well this has been working for you! Thank you for your review!


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