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The Milkeeper - Breast Milk Cooler
Stephanie S. (Dedham, US)
Mila’s Keeper is a Keeper!

My palm-printed Mila’s Keeper cooler arrived today and I LOVE IT. Was so impressed with its timeliness, utility, sound structure, and beauty. The cooler feature works great and the cooler can be used for so many things. Will purchase as gifts for expecting and non-expecting friends.

Thank you so much for your review! :-)

Great product!

I love the keeper! It is the perfect size to pack around and keeps the bottle cold all day!


I needed a product like this!! I’m a nurse and I’m blessed to be able to pump twice during my shift, but the staff fridge is a TREK away from where I can pump. (A whole floor away if I’m using the pumping room) I tested this first during a family outing and the inside was a little damp from pre-chilling it- the ice pack froze that water!! It cooled my milk so well and kept it cold. I also brought it out and didn’t end up using it. It sat out in the car and on the counter unopened, so with ice and the ice pack in it, and 36 hours later the ice had not melted.
In addition to being an awesome product, this is an awesome company. In my pursuit to becoming a more thoughtful consumer, it was the best surprise to find Mila’s Keeper.

Wow Nina. We are so humbled by your thoughtful words! As a nurse you spend your life helping others, we are so honored to be able to help you in some small way! You’re the exact reason we want to exist!

The Duo Gift Set | Starry Night
Jordan S. (Lincoln University, US)
Chic and Functional!

I ordered the duo set with the black and white cooler as a gift for a friend who recently had a baby. My friend is always on the go so she appreciated a breastmilk cooler that is compact (looks like a regular insulated bottle) as opposed to a bulky container. The changeable/reusable ice pack is attachable WITHIN the cooler which is very neat. The glass bottle will keep waste to a minimum, which my friend also appreciated. The design is elegant and simple in the best way!

Thank you Jordan! we love that it is compact and the ice pack is interchangeable too! :-) Thanks for sharing!

Working Mama Gift Set
Alice K. (Los Angeles, US)
Convenient for husbands!

I use this when my husband is left alone w our child. We live in a two-story home that could be time consuming or stressful to rush up and down to get the bottle from the fridge. However leaving this in the room is one less step for him to feed our girl.

Wow - we love this! Yay for husbands too! All parents need a break - we're so glad this is helpful to both of you!!

Expecting Mama Gift Set | Pink Sands
Alysia G. (Long Beach, US)
Convenient and Cute!

I'm SO excited to try my insulated milk cooler and milk storage bottles! Everything is so stylish and cute starting from the packaging it comes in! I love that the milk storage bottles are glass but have a solid, sturdy silicone covering with oz measurements on the side and easily fits into the milk cooler to make things simple and convenient for on-the-go. Looking forward to putting these to use in a couple weeks!

Congratulations on your upcoming baby! These are such the sweetest moments and are so honored that Mila's Keeper will be with you too!

The Milkeeper - Breast Milk Cooler
Stephanie S. (Manhattan Beach, US)
Love this chic storage system!

FINALLY, a sleek way to store breast milk on the go - and so easy to use. I'm gifting some to my working mom friends for sure!

Thank you for thinking of us with your mom gifting!! We love that!

Expecting Mama Gift Set | Pink Sands
Frances T. (Costa Mesa, US)
LOVE, also so cute!!

Okay so I was 10000% debating buying one of those mini refrigerators to put next to my bed because getting up in the middle of the night, pumping, and then putting everything into the fridge with the blinding light of day was something I HATED and not to mention it was really hard to fall asleep afterwards. I found out about Mila's Keeper and my problem was SOLVED!! So awesome to be able to pump directly into the glass bottle and leave everything in the cold tumbler overnight. Not to mention the entire setup is so perfect for travel and just really really cute. Will be buying sets for all my pregnant friends :)

We loooove this brilliant anecdotal use!!! We're so glad Mila's Keeper gives you an easier way to dealing with night pumping which no one likes to do!!!! Thanks for your review Frances!

Beautiful Milk Cooler

I highly recommend this milk cooler! It is made out of high quality material that is durable and easy to take with you anywhere you go! It is also a very cute milk cooler. On top of all this, purchasing from Mila's Keeper supports good causes and furthers women's empowerment. I can't recommend this company enough!

Awesome Melissa, thank you so much for supporting our mission too! Nothing is stronger than women supporting other women!

The Milkeeper - Breast Milk Cooler
Anna M. (Mexico City, MX)
Convenient! Freeing!

A brilliant help for a mom on the go.

The Milkeeper - Breast Milk Cooler
Katie D. (Brooklyn, US)
Best system ever!

As a stand alone water bottle alone Mila’s Keeper is beautiful and will stay in use for hopefully decades to come. The system keeps milk cold for longer than I need and is easy and attractive. I love it. I will give it as a gift to every mew nursing mom I know!

We love that you're using it as a water bottle too! And you're so kind for gifting it to your friends!

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Megan H. (Leavenworth, US)
BEST milk storage bottles ever!

These are the most BEAUTIFUL milk storage bottles I have ever seen! But more importantly I feel so much better using glass bottles for my baby instead of plastic. I love that I can have the best of both worlds with these. These also make the best gift for new moms!

We completely agree Megan! Glass just feels so much better right? thanks for your review!

The Milkeeper - Breast Milk Cooler
Customer (Wilmington, US)
Rad & reusable

I got one of these for myself to use as a water bottle when I bought a milk bottle/cooler set for a friend. She loved the gift. The Panama palms design is my favorite.

Thank you so much! We love that you got yourself one too! Panama Palms design too! :-)

Great design, great product, perfect delivery

A wonderful simple and cool design; great product perfect delivery

Thanks so much for your review!

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