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Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Starry Night
Katherine D. (Brooklyn, US)
Super useful and cool

This system is so much better than what I had before. So glad I found it!

So glad you found us too!

Love being able to pump directly into glass!

I love that I can pump directly into glass bottles with my medela pump!

Thanks Sandy we love that you can too! :)

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Vivian Y. (Perris, US)
Exactly what I needed

In anticipation of pumping when returning to work, I bought 6 total glass bottles, 3 white, 3 green. Wide mouth. They are easy to clean, fit with my spectra flanges and avent nipples. We use them every day!

Love being part of your work routine Vivian! Thanks so much for sharing this!

Cute and durable

First, the aesthetic of this is so cute! I had a hard time picking between the colors and will probably get some more colors. I love that the cooler is so simple to use! I debated a while to make the purchase but ultimately the cooler was so much simpler than other designs. I wasn’t sure about the silicone top for the bottle at first but I’m happy with it- easy to clean and love that the product is such high quality! Easy to read markings, cute, and fits my bottle accessories and pump. Can’t wait to order another color :)

Thank you Amanda - we really appreciate you giving us a try and are so happy it has worked out well for you!

Set of two (2) Breast Milk Ice Packs for Coolers

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Pink Sands
Myles G. (Los Angeles, US)
Great product and service

Thank you so much! Such an easy transaction and amazing products!

Thank you!

Pleasantly Surprised!

I went back to work almost 2 months ago and within that time, I have been trying so many different ways to store/cool my breast milk, but have been frustrated that nothing has really worked that well. So I decided to give the milkeeper a chance. The first day I tried it with the ice pack attached to the lid. That didn’t work that well. However, the next day and since then, I have been using the ice pack at the bottom of the milkeeper with my collection bottle (lansinoh 5oz bottle) inside the milkeeper throughout the day so that the bottle itself is cool by the time I put my freshly expressed breast milk in it. And by doing that, I have been able to have cooled breast milk by the time I get home. It saves me from having to use the community fridge. I work a regular 8 hour shift, so I’m not sure how well it works beyond that. On another note, the 5oz lansinoh bottle will actually hold almost 7oz of milk! Therefore, it’s still a 5oz bottle that will fit inside the milkeeper but you can fit a few more ounces! So overall, I’m very pleased to say I have finally found something that works!

So happy to be a part of your search and the reason to end it! ❤️

Mila's keeper

I love the glass bottles. They are great quality and clean easy.

So happy to hear they have worked out well for you! :-) Thanks for sharing!

Great ice packs

I’m so glad I bought these extra ice packs so I always have at least one sitting in the freezer ready to go!

Thank you for your review! The extra ice packs are def great for extended chill time!!

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Starry Night
Melanie W. (Corte Madera, US)
So excited to give such a hip, functional, beautiful gift

Beautiful product, prompt delivery and amazing customer service!

Aw thank you Melanie! We hope your gift is the gift that keeps on giving!

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Panama Palms
Ashley R. (San Bernardino, US)
love it

purchase this because i wanted something cute to clip to my bag on the go the only thing i hope 🤞 they add in the future is a bigger bottle for the milk because this is only good for a quick trip

Thank you so much for your review! Yes your wish is our command. :) the bigger capacity is in development!

The Duo Gift Set | Panama Palms
Tiffany G. (Fremont, US)
Great buy! Super convenient!

Love this duo set! Very convenient for me while I am at work especially since I am a commuter. Not having to carry a clunky insulated bag is amazing! Especially since my backpack has an insulated pocket I’ll keep my canister in there. I just wished the wide neck glass bottles would fit my comotomo nipples, but that’s okay, absolutely love how I can directly pump and store in them.

Thank you so much for your review Tiffany - so glad this makes your commute easier! And love that you are using our glass bottles to pump in!!

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Maria Y. (Kennewick, US)
So pretty and functional!!

I just opened these bottles and they are just as lovely as I was expecting!!! I love the gold detail and the beautiful packaging. I can't wait to purchase more, and the customer service- top notch!!

Thanks so very much for your kind review Maria! We appreciate you!

Amazing product.

Thank you for your review! Short and sweet! :-)

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Pink Sands
Sasha F. (New Orleans, US)

Expecting Mama Gift Set | Pink Sands

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Aspen White
Alexandra F. (Milton, US)
A lifesaver!

I personally use my Mila’s Keeper in conjunction with a portable bottle warmer to make my baby’s bottles when we’re out and about and have nowhere to breast feed, it’s been an absolute lifesaver! I just pump in the morning, pack up my milk in the MK cooler and hit the road! It’s compact and keeps my milk cold for hours! I have recommended the gift set to anyone and everyone

So awesome to hear Alexandra! Thanks soo very much for taking the time to share!

The MilKeeper® - Breast Milk Cooler
Christina C. (Madera, US)
Love the style

These bottles are beautiful! By far best option in the market I could find for easily storing and carrying pumped breast milk on the go! So easy and kept my milk cold until I got home.

Thank you for this thoughtful review! You’ve made our Valentines Day! ❤️

Mila's Triplets
Tayler M. (Phoenix, US)
Perfect for on the go!

I am a Gestational surrogate and I am continuing to pump milk for the family. This has made it soo much easier to stay on goal. The only thing I wish was that you offered larger capacity bottles. Wonderful product all around.

Wow you are amazing for what you are doing for another loving family! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of it! And..the larger bottles are on the horizon! :-)

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Pink Sands
Natalia K. (Tolleson, US)
Love This so much!!!

I get ask what is this for and when I tell my friends and family. They think It's the best thing ever!!! Much better than carrying around a lunch box to keep my milk cold. Love this!

Awesome to hear Natalia! Thank you!!

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Aspen White
Ariana J. (Macclenny, US)
Amazing, So convenient

Perfect for on the go pumping! It’s kept my milk cold for hours while out and about. I love leaving it with family also who watch the baby, and I don’t have to bring bags/ice packs etc!

Love that you can use this with the family! thank you for sharing!

Highly Recommend!

Even though I ordered this, I haven’t used it yet but I am so excited to. As someone this is constantly active this will come in handy. A great idea for all breastfeeding Moms!!

Mila's Triplets
Megan H. (Leavenworth, US)
The BEST bottles on the market!

Gorgeous, durable, and the healthiest/safest option! What more could I ask for in a bottle for my own baby and for gifting my friends?! Love this brand!!!

Thanks so much Megan!! So glad that you love them as much as we do!!

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Panama Palms
Perry P. (Point Pleasant Beach, US)

I absolutely love this set! From the print to the product itself I honestly wish I had this for my first baby! Perfect for our on the go family especially since we can throw this right in our backpack and go! Highly recommend and their customer service team is the sweetest!

Aw thank you so much for your kind words! We appreciate your support and are so glad you have this for your second baby at least!! :-)

Absolutely the Best

So functional and cute! No issues, stored milk right in the stainless steel bottle which was great as I’m an overproducer and they were sooo cold after a 14 hour shift

Thanks so much for your review Shana! You’re a rockstar with those 14 hour shifts!


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