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This product is so easy to use. For a working breastfeeding mom, this is a life saver! My office is a truck, and I couldn't do this without my mila's keeper. Not only is it functional, but it is also discreet and stylish.

Love Mika’s Keeper so much!! We use the water bottles for milk storage, lactation drinks and more.

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Meranda M. (San Diego, US)
Breast milk necessity!

Absolutely love the quality of this product! Easy to open, durable, & all of the above. Definitely would purchase again 1000x!

Love this! Thank you!! We love how easy it is to use too!

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Pink Sands
Amairani S.C. (San Francisco, US)
Love it!!

My husband bought this for me to keep my breast milk cold at work and I can say I am totally in love with it! Worth the price too and good quality! My sister is having a baby next year and this will be a perfect gift for her. All the mommies should have one of these!!

Ah we're so grateful to the husbands for knowing what mamas need! Thank you so much for your feedback and sharing!

Mila's Triplets
Marci T. (Cincinnati, US)

Mila's Triplets

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Kelley F. (Batesville, US)
Glass bottles

Chose Milas glass bottles to limit plastic exposure to my neonate and to also limit transfer of my breast milk. Really love the product especially because the glass bottles connect directly to my Spectra S2 flanges and then I can place the bottles directly into the freezer, HOWEVER, the threads on my plastic flanges are not fine enough to secure the glass bottles on the plastic flanges as tightly as I would prefer- therefore, the glass bottles can twist off very easily if you aren’t careful and spill. I don’t think this is related to a defect of this product however therefore I still give it 5 stars

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Starry Night
Rochelle P. (Roseville, US)
Back to work

I love storing milk in this rather than our break room refrigerator

A game changer!

We love our set for on the go travel. We are always on the go and to be able to have a safe way to transport my breast milk for our baby is a must. This set has made it easy to be away from home for a few hours and keep baby’s milk at temp the entire time! This is a must have for all parents!

We are so happy our products have helped you so much! We are grateful for your review!

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Heather (Sunnyvale, US)
Super cute!

Absolutely love and how the wide glass is compatible with avent bottles

Mila's Triplets
Michelle C. (Chattanooga, US)
Perfect fit

I bought these for pumping with my spectra and they are the correct size. They are super cute. Great alternative to plastic bottles. They also fit with Phillips Avent nipples, if you use those glass bottles. Super handy. The only possible issue is the lid of one of the bottles doesn't thread smoothly, feels like it's not sealed, but it doesn't fall off. Not sure what the deal is but it works, just feels weird. Overall, I have no complaints!

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Melissa (Louisville, US)
Great product for milk storage on the go.

I purchased 8 wide mouth glass bottles (white), 2 freezer packs (total of 4), and 2 of the insulated cups. These have really helped with milk storage on the go. So far it is the best solution that I've found for keeping mill cold on the go. The glass bottles are nice and feel and look like good quality.
I like the gold lettering and measurements on the bottles, so I will keep them out of the dishwasher as suggested to help prevent the design from fading.
I like that the insulated cups fit easily in a cup holder, diaper bag, laptop bag, or backpack. I have accidentally dropped my cup a couple of times. And just like any other insulated storage container, I get dents. The cup still functions as it should and the glass bottle was safe and luckily did not break.
I like the overall design of the products I purchased. It is simple and not too bold. I'm not a fan of flashy designs.
I like that there is an option to purchase the products using your HSA card.

I have contacted the company a couple of times and they are very responsive and helpful. Great customer service.

So far I love this small company. I look forward to other products in the future and I plan on buying more storage bottles at some point.

I think the glass bottles are a little expensive at about $20 a bottle.

Notes for the suggestion box:
-A storage solution for 2 of the small glass bottles. (For example, you can carry 2 glass bottles together in one cup. So you don't have to carry multiple containers.)
- A larger storage solution for a larger bottle. Maybe a container that can carry 2 separate bottles or 1 larger bottle.
- A silicone or other material protector for the insulated cups in case you drop it. It will be less likely to get damaged and suffer from shock.

Thanks so much for your thoughtful review! We take in all of your feedback with appreciation!

Very helpful

I really love my Expecting mama starter set/ Panama Palm

Working Mama Gift Set
Shayna C. (La Crosse, US)
Worth the investment!

The thought of having to carry around a pump/parts and a cooler to store milk when I returned to work sounded like a nightmare, and I kept thinking that someone had to have thought of a better option for pumping moms on the go by now. I was pleasantly surprised to find this system and the added bonus of it being cute! The containers are discreet and everything seems to be well made. I’ve only started using it but am happy with the investment so far! I will definitely recommend to friends who are new moms/expecting,


Keeps the milk cold , easy to carry and it’s so pretty. I used the advent bottle nipple on the glass bottle and it fit perfectly.

The Duo Gift Set | Pink Sands
Heather (Sunnyvale, US)
Love it!

I was so excited to receive my package. I purchased the Duo set so I can pump fresh milk in one tumblr and keep the other tumblr with cold milk. They are the perfect size (as someone who has low milk supply) and are not too bulky. Definitely keeps my milk cold for hours! I also love that the bottles are glass and are compatible with the avent bottles.

What a great idea for the dual use! Thank for sharing. We’re so happy you’re happy!

Love this chiller.

Mila's Triplets
Julia B. (Demorest, US)

Love the glass and silicone, perfect for my little babe. Also found that the large mouth bottles fits with the mōmi nipple!

TYSM for your review! We’ll add it to our list! :)

The Duo Gift Set | Pink Sands
Maria G. (Hammond, US)
Every Breastfeeding mama must have!

I love the aesthetic of the bottles. My fav is the insulated bottle with the ice pack! I needed this a long long time ago. It works to keep my milk bags or the bottles cool.

So happy to hear this! Thanks for your review mama!

Mila's Triplets
Vanessa V. (Royse City, US)
Very nice design

I like the size of these bottles. I bought them to replace the plastic medela bottles i use for pumping. Now i realize i need many more sets so i can reduce my plastic use for me and baby.

Love it!

Have used it once so far on the road, and the bottle kept my breast milk super chill until we got home. Already looking forward to using it for our upcoming travels!

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Aspen White
Stephanie D. (Laguna Hills, US)
The best milk storage container!

I absolutely love my Mila’s Keeper, it is super easy to use and lasts a long time! The design is on the product is also very beautifully done and I’m always getting compliments on it! Love this product all around! Can’t wait to buy my friends this as a baby shower gift for their milk on the go!

Your review warms our heart - thank you so much!

Must have for pumping moms!

Prior to purchasing this, I have to bring a cooler, ice packs and breastmilk storage bags when I have to pump away from home. Having this makes things so much simpler and easier to carry. It keeps my breastmilk cold for the entire day. And the design is so pretty too. I highly recommend it!

I had some questions and customer service was top notch!

Mom Must Have

FTM and needed a solution for traveling. The glass bottles fit into my electric spectra and manual Phillips advent pump for super easy collection. The silicone cap fits tight so there is no spillage. The ice pack really does keep the bottle cold for more than 12 hours. It is small enough to fit in any water bottle pouch/space in cars and bags.

love that it worked so well for you while traveling! thanks very much for your review!


I love how convenient they are!

So Cute and Useful

I absolutely love this chiller set. I store milk during the day in the glass jars, then at night I keep my chiller by the bed for easy access over night feedings. I also love that it's slender so it fits easily in the diaper bag. I do wish it held a bit more but I would absolutely buy again.


for purchases of $125+ in Continental US

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