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This Company is the Best!

I'm new to this company, but they exceeded all my expectations. I had an issue with the initial ice pack that came with my set, but their customer service is amazing and they helped me get it figured out right away! I've now used it several times for pumping on the go and it keeps everything cold while being discreet. I also love the little supportive card that came with my order. Breastfeeding can be really challenging, and it's so nice to feel that you aren't alone in it! I'm grateful for both this company and their products in helping make my personal journey a little easier.

The only thing I thought I should add is this is perfect for one pumping session, but depending on how much you produce it might not work for multiple. I was able to fill one bottle in a single session which is all that will fit in the cooler. Again, perfect for one session (and super discreet at the office!), but not for two if you've already filled a bottle.

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Catherine P. (Baltimore, US)
Absolutely amazing

I am mostly pumping with my second baby and I can’t tell you how much I love these! They seamlessly attach to my Spectra, they are so easy to sanitize and I feel so much better about using them for storage versus the traditional plastic bottles. They are also so much nicer to look at!
Have already recommended them to so many moms and moms to be.

Amazing customer service

I love this brand and product! I am a new mom and all the rules of breastmilk have been overwhelming to learn. I reached out to customer service about some concerns and they were beyond insightful and informed me how to use their product correctly. I’m so happy to support this business!

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Pink Sands
Mila M. (Los Angeles, US)
Great Product Idea

I use to feel uncomfortable putting breast milk in the work fridge and take a whole lunch bag for milk. Mila’s keeper makes it easy and simple to cool milk until I get home.

This is exactly one of the reasons we made Mila’s Keeper! We wanted moms to feel comfortable having their milk by their side rather than the community fridge! Thanks so much for your review. :)

Excited to use it!

Baby isn't here yet but I'm excited to use this for when I'm out and need to pump!

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Andrea C. (Queen Creek, US)
Beautiful and useful

I’m always trying to decrease toxins for my baby and I found this company. Their bottles are beautiful and they did their testing for lead and cadmium. Glad to have found these beautiful bottles and I’ll be ordering more!

Thank you so much for your review. We are so glad you found us! :)

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Rachel N. (Chicago, US)

I feel so great knowing I’m using a product that is a better choice for my baby!

We are so happy for you and your baby too! :)

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
KatherineU (Sterling, US)
Great compatibility and multifunctional!

I got these bottles in anticipation of my breastfeeding journey. Pregnant with my first, so I can't yet speak to the use for breastfeeding but I love that they are compatible with the nipples on the Philips Avent bottles as those are the ones I have for baby. Love that these are both freezer and warmer safe, so I don't anticipate having to use breast milk bags for freezer storage. Absolutely love that they are glass as I've been trying to eliminate plastics in all food prep! Super beautiful packaging so I'm very excited to be able to use these down the road for purees, jams, baby food, etc. Very happy with the purchase and love that the Mila's Keeper website gives so much info up-front, like the bottle cap/nipple compatibility as well as the functionality. Please keep the white wide size bottles in stock as I may need more!

We are so excited for your upcoming new baby journey and so appreciate your review!

The Duo Gift Set | Panama Palms
Beatrice W. (Keller, US)
Good cooler

Stays cold and cute to carry

Mila's Triplets
Esther C. (San Jose, US)

Mila's Triplets

Two (2) Breast Milk Ice Packs for Coolers
Veronica (Manhattan Beach, US)
Great to have extras

With these spares on-hand, I can have 24 hr chilled ice packs every day for most effective cooling.

The Duo Gift Set | Hotel California
Nikki M.A. (Iloilo City, PH)
An Innovation for all breastfeeding moms

I am so glad that I discovered Mila’s keeper online. Without any doubt after reading everything about this, I immediately checked out this item. This made my life convenient especially I am a working mom with little access on lactation stations. Mila’s keeper is such an innovative item for all breastfeeding moms. I am Nikki, a breastfeeding mom from Puerto Princesa City, Philippines.

So happy you found us Nikki! We are thrilled that we could make life a bit more convenient !

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Mari E. (Royal Oak, US)

As someone who rarely leaves reviews, I am happy to leave this one. As I am trying to reduce the use of plastics for my little one, I went down a rabbit hole of different glass storage containers and I was thrilled when I discovered Mila’s Keeper!!! These glass storage containers are AMAZING! They are easy to sterilize by boiling, even the silicone lids are great for boiling. The glass is durable but lightweight. The silicone lids are super easy to take on and off! Also I love the fact that I can pump right into these bottles! It’s super great and versatile. Also, the design of the entire container is even cuter in person! Makes pumping a little more enjoyable when you do it with style! I’d also like to mention the impeccable customer service I have received. Anytime I emailed my inquiry I received an email back right away answering my questions. I am very impressed! Thanks Mila’s Keeper. Can’t wait for the gray and white wide bottles to come back in stock!

Every word means so much! We are so appreciative! :) and we are excited to know that your pumping experience has been more enjoyable because of MK! Btw- we are fully restocked!

Expecting Mama Starter Set | Starry Night
Mikayla L. (Schwab City, US)
Love it!

This not only looks nice but works great. The quality is excellent as well.

Thank you for your review! :-) We are so happy it is working great for you!

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Simone R. (Los Angeles, US)
Glass Storage Bottles

I bought these for my daughter and she loves them. Highly recommend!

We are thrilled for your daughter! Congratulations grandma!

Super Convenient

I’ve been using this at night as well as travel since I’m double feeding and it’s a sanity and time saver as it keeps my milk perfectly chilled overnight leaving one less thing between me and precious sleep time

We looooove how our products are helping you get more sleep mama. Thanks for sharing! You’re doing awesome!

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Liz (Philadelphia, US)
Wide neck CAN be compatible with some generic Spectra adaptors to use alternate flanges

I was nervous because of the compatibility disclaimer noting that Maymom adapters are not compatible and that they only guarantee compatibility with brand name parts. Not good if you want to pump into these bottles but rely on a Spectra adapter to use Lacteck or Pumpin Pals or Idaho Jones silicone flanges or other flanges. So...I ordered a bunch of adaptors on Amazon to try.

Maymom initially APPEARS to fit but it's DECEIVING - the issue is that it untwists with ZERO resistance, as though it never screwed all the way down even though IT IS screwed alllll the way down (even tried removing the silicone bottle sleeve).

However, good news, Idaho Jones, Nenesupply, and Pumpmom adaptors all screwed into Mila's Keepers securely (esp Pumpmom was really snug) and would allow you to use a flange of your choice. The part that screws into a flange is identical diameter on all these adaptors (including Maymom's). Idaho Jones is the most simple and similar to Maymom. Nenesupply builds the backflow protector into the connector and Pumpmom comes packaged with their flanges and duckbill valves.

Below are 3 photos of Idaho Jones adaptor next to Maymom (Idaho Jones on top or left), followed by Nenesupply vs Maymom, then Pumpmom (top) vs Maymom.

Wow what a helpful review! Thanks so much for sharing all of your insight! We’ll have to add this to our product description!


Absolutely beautiful product and packaging. I was blown away! I haven’t given birth yet but the quality is top notch. I love every small detail and appreciate the effort that was put in. I’m so excited to use. Thank you!

Thank you so kindly Brandi! We are equally excited about you using our products!!!

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Morgan (Paso Robles, US)
Sturdy and Stylish

Easy to clean and very well made! Ready the wide to come back in stock in white and grey!

Thank you for your review! :) We equally can’t wait to get restocked!

The Duo Gift Set | Starry Night
Jennifer F. (Mission, US)
Pretty great

Bought this for myself. I use one insulated cup for cold milk and the other for hot water to use to warm a bottle when I’m on the go. It’s been pretty amazing so far! I get so many compliments and moms asking about them everywhere I go - definitely worth it! Just wish the hot water stayed hot longer but it’s good enough for one bottle warming.

Thank you for sharing your experience as both a warmer and cooler! We love that it’s worked out so well and who doesn’t love compliments! :)


Pumping on the go just got easier.

Thank you for your review! :)

Peace of mind

Love that I don’t have to worry about my baby’s milk spoiling.

Love hearing this so much. Thanks for sharing.

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Dowanna B. (Missouri City, US)
I am in love

I’m in love with my Mila’s keepers. They keep my milk perfect until I get home from work. They fit my pump perfectly and I plan on placing another order soon. Do hesitate, you will not regret your purchase.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us! We are so appreciative!

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Ari (Minneapolis, US)
Love Love Love

Great product, absolutely love the breast milk storage glasses!

The Duo Gift Set | Panama Palms
Rozalin A. (Muscat, OM)
Makes my pumping trip wonderful

I don’t regret buying the coolers and ship them all the way from US to Oman and pay extra 70$ for is the greatest gear I got for my pumping trip at work. Beside the stylish fact, it works well as well and keep the milk cold till I reach home. Just wish they come in bigger size . Usually I take 2 cooler but the 240 ml is not enough for the day and I have to use storage bag as well.

Wow we are so impressed with your tenacity to get them there! And we are so happy it’s working out so well for you!


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