This is a quick minute video which will show you the four ways you can use and store milk in the MilKeeper®

Some helpful cleaning tips:

1) According to the CDC, sterilizing equipment is recommended up until your baby is 3 months old.  You can sterilize our stainless steel MilKeeper and glass breast milk bottles and its sleeves in boiling water or your standard sterilizer.

2) After 3 months, hot soap and water will suffice. Always use a soft sponge or silicone brush - never hard or wired brushes.

3) Never use the microwave for your stainless steel bottles or ice pack.  You may, however, safely use microwave sterilizers for the glass bottles and its silicone sleeves.

4) The dishwasher will not hurt any of your components but the harsh detergents will deteriorate your designs over time so we generally do not recommend it.  Never put your ice packs, however, in the dishwasher.

5. You do not need to separate your sleeves from your glass bottles every time, but we do recommend to do so from time to time.


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Mila's Keeper Insulated Cooler with athletic girls on beach - Newsletter

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