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The Importance of Black History Month and Breastfeeding

 If Mila's Keeper, as a company, strives to make a positive impact on breastfeeding in the U.S, it cannot be done without addressing the many disparities and inequities that African-Americans face...
Hello Friends,
If Mila's Keeper, as a company, strives to make a positive impact on breastfeeding in the U.S, it cannot be done without addressing the many disparities that African-Americans face dating back to the birth of our nation. This is so critical in our progress as a nation to support all mamas in an equitable way.
We all know that as much as breastfeeding comes with its joys, it also comes with its challenges.  Black Americans however are met with even greater challenges than are already inherent in breastfeeding as any mom in the U.S.  By writing this blog article, it is our hope that we can help shed some light on the darkness that many of our sisters face, and identify support where we can all contribute in some way.
This article was written alongside writer Andrea Reyes, a talented, African-American writer and mother of three who is just simply amazing as she was pregnant with her fourth during the writing. I interview her at the end of the blog too.
I hope the topic is helpful for some, and feel free to leave feedback, good or bad. I am eager to learn more from all of you.


with love and respect,

Lara Vu


Photo Credit: Greta Hoffman with Pexels

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