Supporting Breast Cancer Prevention & Education with Keep A Breast Foundation Mila's Keeper

Supporting Breast Cancer Prevention & Education with Keep A Breast Foundation

Learn how we're proudly partnering with Keep A Breast Foundation this month to support Breast Cancer Prevention and Education.
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Dear Friends, 

We are excited and proud to be partnering with Keep A Breast Foundation, a nonprofit breast cancer organization with a mission to reduce breast cancer risk and its impact globally through art, education, prevention, and action.

We specifically chose Keep A Breast to support because of their very unique and effective way of tackling breast cancer education through art and prevention through empowerment.  For us at Mila's Keeper, art and design is an important and effective means of creative expression and in the case of breast cancer, we love its use as way of healing as well.  Keep A Breasts artistic exhibitions around the world of Breast Casts are a truly beautiful and honorable way to create dialogue around breast cancer. 

While we praise and honor all those investing in breast cancer treatment and cure, we also admire Keep A Breast specifically for its focus on prevention through empowerment!  Empowerment is a central theme for us at Mila's Keeper.   So we love Keep A Breast's efforts in creating a free app to help women self detect breast cancer on a monthly basis.  So Check Yourself by downloading their Keep A Breast app today and spread the word! 

We also love their programs such as the Non-Toxic Revolution which focuses on keeping toxins like plastic out of our bodies!  There is so much that we ourselves can do to help reduce the risk of breast cancer as well as detect breast cancer as early as possible.  This is why we made it a priority to make sure our breast milk glass storage and feeding bottles were 100% plastic free.

This month we will donate $5 for every gift set sold in Pink Sands (Expecting Mama or Duo Set) between the dates of October 17-31.  Our gift sets which are a combination of our insulated breast milk coolers and glass storage bottles make a perfect gift to someone you love and now they will generate an extra gift to Keep A Breast!  Thank you for joining us the rest of this month in supporting Keep A Breast!  We are grateful to each one of you!


Love and respect, 

Lara, Founder and Chief Breast Officer

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